06/15 and 06/16/17 – Central Kansas

Julie Vogts – Spring Valley Farms, Inc.

On the 15th, actual cutting of wheat was started late in the day due to it being too wet in the morning and wheat not quite ready.  This gave the farmer time to catch up on various tasks.  We have been able to harvest between 75 to 100 acres per day depending on what time we can get in the field. The farm kid and myself were able to figure some scale tickets and enter data while passing the time.  Once we got started cutting, it was a somewhat short harvest day. A thunderstorm made its presence; so we were out of the field by 6:30 p.m. The rain. along with having issues with our farm grain storage system. made for a short cutting day. But we’re thankful for the wheat we were able to harvest! Since things happen, we were able to eat a delicious meal around the dinner table! That made this lady a happy farm wife! The Maple Bacon Pork Loin is one freezer/crock pot meal we will make again!

Slow Cooker Maple Bacon Pork Loin Recipe

The rain kept us out of the fields on the 16th until later in the afternoon but we did get back into cutting late into the night.   Before that, though, we were able to run errands which also included grabbing breakfast together at a local diner.  It was good to sit together and reconnect.  I have to give kudos to my husband for a moment, I hope you don’t mind.  Our daughter had three softball games this week and he surprised her at the first one and then again last night.  Normally, that does not happen but this year, for some reason, taking a couple of hours out of his most important season to watch her play was top priority.  Last night, the combine sat silent in the field while he attended and I know that was a big sacrifice for him.  The reason this means so much to me is that neither my daughter nor myself prompted him to do this.  Perhaps he understands that our time with her is speeding by. She’s nine and before we know it, she will be eighteen with a life of her own.  Maybe the reality of his own aging parents has set in or maybe he just wanted to see his little girl enjoy life doing something she loves.  Who knows, I won’t ask, I’ll just cherish his willingness this go around.

After watching the game, he jumped back in the combine and cut till 11:00 p.m.  Our truck driver was right there with him and we greatly appreciate his help.  My duties with the grain bins are pretty much finished as the bins are nearly full. The trucks are being driven to the nearest grain elevator terminal.  I will spend my days catching up on housework, laundry, family time, book work, and supplying food.  I’m hoping to get another little blanket done for our twin grandsons!  Here’s hoping that happens but I know that could change as soon as my phone rings!

As of the morning of the 17th,  we have 224 acres left to harvest (out of 702).  We began Saturday…seven days ago.  Even with the couple of days of not so much cutting, we have made good timing on this harvest.  Planting will begin as soon as the farmer can get out of the combine.  Our yields have ranged from 58 to 72. We won’t complain about those figures…life is too short!  Now, to pray for continued safe harvest and perhaps the grain price could go up!

Happy day folks!

*Farming Grace Daily*

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