09/24/16 – Central Kansas

Julie Vogts – Spring Valley Farms Inc

We finished harvesting all our non-irrigated corn on 9/23, which happens to be my father in law’s 88th birthday!

In the last year, he hasn’t be able to help much but you can still see him occasionally checking in on the activity around the farm. This year, the farmer, Milton (my husband), started harvesting corn on September 3rd. Luckily, the rest of our corn wasn’t quite ready and rain made it’s appearance.

The reason it was lucky is because he was heading out for an elk hunting trip. He was able to get an elk while there, come home rejuvenated and ready to cut the rest of the corn!

Two of his hunting buddies helped us by being truck drivers for a couple of days. I think it made for a good time by all and my job was feeding the crew!

This time around, we have roast, potatoes, carrots and homemade peach cobbler one evening. The next day, I prepared a new recipe, Baked Spaghetti. It made a lot and tasted quite good! I served it with salad and garlic bread. Homemade Snickerdoodle cookies were a hit from what my husband tells me!

One day for lunch, I ran into town and got us delicious pan-fried chicken special from our local diner. It was great and the pineapple cake was to die for! I need to see if can get that recipe!

One the guys took the two combine sunset photos for us while my husband harvested. I so appreciate him taking them and sharing them with us.

When we began our journey into corn harvest, we thought it would basically be just the farmer combining and hauling grain. God, once again, provided not only help but great friends to share the experience with. It’s nice to have friends that seem more like family.

One afternoon, I was searching for our daughter as she hadn’t come back from Grandma’s house next door. I found her sweeping corn into the pit. I snapped a photo because in the future she may not be so willing to do farm labor! 😊

Our irrigated corn isn’t ready to be harvested yet and now the farmer has to do a little work on the combine this next week.

Grain sorghum and soybeans are still in the fields so that is up next. In addition, he will be prepping the grain drill for wheat sowing.

It’s a cycle, folks! One that he loves. Before we know it, there will be “amber waves of grain” before us.

Until next time!

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