Grandma Agnes’ Hot Dish

    Grandma Agnes' Hot Dish
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    • 3+ lbs. ground beef
    • onion soup mix
    • 2 cans creamed corn
    • 1 can regular corn
    • 1+ potato per person
    • (milk, salt, pepper, etc.—whatever you put in your mashed potatoes)
    • cheese


    1. Peel and cut up potatoes and put in a pot to boil.
    2. Brown ground beef with onion soup mix (I use my 12 qt. Dutch oven, Big Bertha, and then I can bake it in the same pot—saves on dishes and hassle).
    3. Pour cream corn and regular corn (drained) on top of ground beef (I’ve made my own creamed corn for this and it’s immensely better, but in a rush, there’s nothing wrong with using the canned stuff, eh?).
    4. Mash and season potatoes.
    5. Put mashed potatoes on top of corn.
    6. Top with cheese.
    7. Bake at 400° for 30+ minutes, until slightly browned on top (you can turn on your broiler, too, for a couple mins)
    8. *This recipe is very versatile—you can make it bigger, smaller, whatever. Throw some bacon bits in there on the potatoes, chives, anything you wanna fancy it up with. So easy and a big crowd pleaser. Definitely a HarvestHer friendly recipe.
    9. *We have one crew member who has a gluten allergy, so I made this without the onion soup mix and just seasoned my ground beef really well with minced onions, salt, pepper, and a little cornstarch for thickening. Turned out great!