12/07/16 – Home, home (Texas)

Kortney DeBock – CK DeBock Harvesting

I’ll take my coffee in an IV drip, please.

I claim to be a “together” kind of person. I get my taxes filed in January, meal plan every week down to the last, little ingredient, pick out my clothes the night before and never stray away from what my to-do list and calendar tell me I need to be doing but keeping up with this blog has been a real backseat ride on the struggle bus. Maybe I still feel myself enamored that anybody cares to read summaries of my seemingly boring (ok, that’s not true) days.

12/06/16 – Hicksville, Ohio

Audra Zimmerman – Zimmerman Harvesting

I had asked Tracy to put a challenge out there to all of the HarvestHERs for a holiday/off-season check in. I am so excited to see what Nancy Eberts is cooking up for the holidays.

I am not a very domestic person. Here is my excuse: I went to a private Catholic, college prep, high school in Fort Wayne, IN. My graduating class had 200+ students (mind you, this was a very small school for Ft. Wayne). In my freshman year, we had home ec rooms and the seniors took the class. You would walk down the hallways of the second floor and just salivate over the yummy smells from the senior class baking chocolate chip cookies. Then, along came sophomore year and with it a computer lab. This was about 1992.