07/30/17 – Washburn, North Dakota

Amanda Buus Thomsen – BT Harvesting

I may have gone a little overboard…

You see, we’ve been sitting… waiting for our crops to ripen for over a week now.  It’s safe to say, at this point, the natives are restless.  I’ve been restless too, so I’ve baked cookies.  Lots of yummy, delicious, waist-widening, seam-stretching cookies. It’s my ‘go-to’ when I get bored…or I’m procrastinating doing my paperwork.

Anyway, I get the call.  The call both the crew and I had been waiting for.  Anders says, “I’ve already texted the guys.  The peas are ready, so you’ll need to make dinner.” I honestly never thought I would be so excited to make Italian beef.  (Sounds crazy, right?)  I fixed dinner trays, grabbed my camera and happily headed to the field. Before I handed out dinners, I (thankfully) got a few pictures of the guys running.  Little did I know those would be the only ones I would get.

Because the peas were so light and fluffy, they didn’t want to feed into the headers properly (we don’t have pea augers and didn’t have any problems cutting them last year). So, for an instant fix, the hubs used his MacGyver skills and turned PVC pipe and plumbers strap into a bar to keep the peas down and not flying over the back. It’s not ideal (or pretty), but definitely cheaper than buying an after-market kit.

The next day, the crew left for the field and I ran to the kitchen, more excited than I had been in weeks.  I planned a simple dinner…and it grew from there.  I decided to make Chicken Pot Pie (check out the recipe from the Pioneer Woman – it’s wonderful and easy), but, in my giddiness, decided I couldn’t use pre-made pie crust.  It had to be homemade. And 1 wouldn’t do…they would need to have 2.  Corn casserole, Tres Leches cake, fresh strawberries and biscuits rounded out their dinner.  Honestly, it didn’t look like I went overboard…until I put it all together.  Oops.

They get dirty with grease, I get dirty with flour.

This is probably enough for 7 guys, right?

And then it happened.  As soon as I got dinner served, the hubs rained on my parade of giddiness.  He told me they were done cutting peas and we would have a few days before the durum and spring wheat would be ready. So, here we sit again.

And now, I’m on my way to the store to get Crisco sticks, brown sugar and bigger pants.





07/29/17 – White Shield, North Dakota

Molly Jacobson – Affinity Ag Custom Harvesting

Camper fun in White Shield, ND:

Four-month old Caleb Alan has been going through a no-nap phase, which takes me straight from “I think I can totally do this three kids thing” to a cussing, kicking, screaming “f-you, Pampers, and your adorable touching family ads” kind of person.

Camper bed assignments are also trouble-shooting specials, so obviously my other two don’t sleep either until I find the perfect solution, which takes several days at least. So I’m a titch-bit frazzled at the moment.

I brought my 50 pound sacks of flour and sugar and tub o’lard on this journey, but hope and joy are in short supply at this point. Thankfully, though, I found some baby nap tips online from some wise woman and Caleb Alan is back to sleeping like an adorable hairless sloth–upside down and hanging from my left boob. No luck with the other two, though, so we at least tried to have fun while we waited for the guys to come in for supper (they finished peas and have a few days before durum is ready).
The girls played outside with the dog and filled their pickups with dirt and gravel. It was a cool, breezy 88 degrees today–I would move to North Dakota just for the fact that it’s always at least 10 degrees less stifling than everywhere else, which is especially nice when I’m wrapped in a burka to nurse my baby or toting him around in my “combat vest” (baby carrier). After outside time, we played “beauty shop” and colored together. 
By the time I got supper on the table, Miriam was passed out on the floor under the kitchen chair and Ruthie was asleep on Daddy’s shoulder. Uuurg, if only people would nap when I say, things would be a lot better around here. Momma knows best, y’all.

7/24/17 – Martin, South Dakota

Nancy Eberts – Eberts Harvesting Inc.

We started the day with “breakdowns”… an exhaust crack and a chopper bearing went out. By the time the temperature was close to 95 and the winds picked up, we were back going.

By tomorrow evening, things will be close to wrapped up here in South Dakota and then we will clean up and move home.

Shout out to JR Edmondson for the photos!  And to CASEIH PRO HARVEST!  Special thanks to Robert and to Grant for making the trip.

Elevator is in Gordon, Nebraska.

The “weeds and bugs” were hanging around my bin line and I think they are amazing!

Tonight’s supper: Cheeseburger deluxe with potatoes and strawberry shortcake Yeap…that’s supper just before loading for field delivery.

07/24/17 – Polson, Montana

Lindsey Sterkel – Dutch Orchard

Good morning everyone! It is cherry harvest up here in Northwest Montana! 🍒

Turk and I arrived a couple of days ago and harvest was in full swing!

Mom and dad, Susan and Mark Sterkel, brought two of my cousins, Conner and Christian. My brother Nick, sister-in-law, Trish, and their little girl came up and my sister flew in! So it’s been so awesome to be in such a pretty area with a lot of our family! My grandma has a house up here, as well, and it’s right on the huge Flathead lake!

The view at the end of the orchard!