09/23/17 – Near Red Rock, Oklahoma

Grand Canyon National Park

Audra Zimmerman – Zimmerman Harvesting

It’s been awhile since I have posted. We finished up our early fall job in Texas shelling corn at the end of July and then we moved to North Central Oklahoma to work on trying to find some soybeans to harvest. After a nice long “vacation”, we are back to work again today starting our first field of soybeans.

We had an enjoyable “vacation”. We went to visit friends in Sedona, Arizona. This included a trip to Grand Canyon National Park and Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.

Mesa Verde National Park

Next, we made a trip “home” to Ohio to pick up our corn head (we borrowed one for the Texas corn) to bring back to Oklahoma with us. Hopefully, we will find some corn to harvest a little later this fall.

Hope everyone has a safe and productive fall harvest.

09/22/17 – Powers Lake, North Dakota

Kylee DeBock – DeBock Harvesting

Today I am writing my post from the comfort of my warm camper.

We have had a lot of rain days here in North Dakota. We haven’t cut in a week! Since we had so many rain days in the forecast, Levi, Kitty, and Ryan headed back to Oklahoma to get Levi’s wheat planted. They went from bundling up because of the 45 degree mornings to the hot Oklahoma weather of 90+.  Levi and Ryan have been working hard on the farm for the last week and should be done with the farming and planting by the weekend or beginning of the week.

Hopefully by the time everyone returns, the sun will start shining and we can get back into the fields! The kids, however, have been praying for rain! I told them that we can’t head home until we get finished up with the crops. Colston replied, “I know, mom, the longer it rains the longer we get to stay here!” They love Powers Lake so much!! This school is simply amazing. I went up and visited Riggin’s class one day and it is such a well-run school with so many opportunities for my kids!! It may be only a short time but I am so glad the boys get to take advantage of this school!


“It’s All I Have” Chopped Steak

Nancy Eberts – Eberts Harvesting Inc.

I looked in the freezer and saw three packages of chopped steak so decided that’s what’s for supper! Not a usual for us but figured it was time to try something in the Crock Pot, as it is chilly here.

I found a recipe that looked easy…simply brown steaks, after dusting with flour, and then add to the Crock Pot.