08/10/17 – Plentywood, Montana

Megan Bertsch – Jr’s Harvesting

Are any of my HarvestHER friends observant on the country gravel roads like I am? I am a distant looker when I drive and when I spot something that seems interesting, I try to go back to it and see what it is. Usually it’s when I take supper to the field I find something that I can take a picture of or something I can just admire. So with that, I always take the same way home just to go back to that spot. Last night, I came across that something I just had to come back to.

This is what I had to come back to.  It’s a dark pic due to it being late in the evening. It’s an auger on a hill in a pasture with a fence around it. I ask myself, “Why is it that way”? Is someone buried there? Is it a landmark? πŸ€” Not sure but it got my attention. It’s an old auger, of some value to someone. It’s things like this I find that keeps me curious 😁

We are currently in northeastern Montana cutting Durum. My child still calls it wheat but that’s okay. Definitely not the best crop they have had but with the drought, I guess it’s better than nothing.


07/05/16 – Baker, Oklahoma

Amanda Adams – Adams Harvesting

After being out of the field for a few days due to the amazing rain we have been getting, we were back at it yesterday! Between the rains and breakdowns, we got a little behind so we brought in a neighbor with two combines to help get the last of our wheat out of the field.


06/29/16 – Baker, Oklahoma

Adams Harvesting

I don’t want to complain about the rain, but it is really hindering our efforts to finish harvest…. And my husband drives me insane when he can’t cut wheat…

06/25/16 – Baker, Oklahoma

Adams Harvesting

Sitting here listening to the rain, trying to recap the day.

Usually during harvest, rain is an unwelcome guest. But after the long week of break downs and craziness we have had, there are no complaints coming from our crew. We had another combine down today. The tire that was supposed to be fixed on the Deere messed up again. The patch that the service guy put on popped off. So we have to wait until Monday for a new tire. So we have been cutting since 5:00 p.m with only one combine.

We could see the storm rolling in around 9:00 p.m. We had sent all of our help home for the day and were just going to fill up the trucks. Well, the storm came faster than expected, so Anthony, our boys and I were rushing to get equipment moved to higher ground. We got it all moved and in our pickups right before the downpour hit. The kids were happy to be home and showered before midnight. I was looking forward to calling it a night early, yet here I am at 11:00 p.m. wide awake listening to the thunderstorm. It is raining pretty heavy here or so it sounds like. I am assuming we won’t be able to cut tomorrow. We shall see!