09/23/17 – Near Red Rock, Oklahoma

Grand Canyon National Park

Audra Zimmerman – Zimmerman Harvesting

It’s been awhile since I have posted. We finished up our early fall job in Texas shelling corn at the end of July and then we moved to North Central Oklahoma to work on trying to find some soybeans to harvest. After a nice long “vacation”, we are back to work again today starting our first field of soybeans.

We had an enjoyable “vacation”. We went to visit friends in Sedona, Arizona. This included a trip to Grand Canyon National Park and Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.

Mesa Verde National Park

Next, we made a trip “home” to Ohio to pick up our corn head (we borrowed one for the Texas corn) to bring back to Oklahoma with us. Hopefully, we will find some corn to harvest a little later this fall.

Hope everyone has a safe and productive fall harvest.

07/22/17 – Temple, Texas

Audra Zimmerman – Zimmerman Harvesting

Well, our wheat harvest is over for 2017.  It actually ended on July 5th when we finished our last job in McDonald, Kansas.

Since we are ones for thinking “outside the box” we decided not to follow the rest of the harvest crowd north.  We just felt there would be one too many harvesters looking for work in the drought-stricken states of North and South Dakota and Eastern Montana.  So, we packed up and moved south.  Yep you read that right, south.

It took a good deal of looking for work and lots of prayers, but we found our first job shelling corn in Central Texas this week.  The above average rainfall earlier this year has blessed the farmers with a record corn crop in this area of Texas.

So these “wheaties” are now onto finding fall work.  We have decided that we will not be going back to Northwestern Ohio this fall.  We have actually had flooding at home and too much rain is making a bad fall crop this year.

06/23/17 – Johnson, Kansas

Audra Zimmerman – Zimmerman Harvesting

Sometimes Rain is a good thing

Last Saturday afternoon, we finished up our job in Manchester, Oklahoma.  It takes us two trips to move our equipment for each new harvest stop.  When you run a small crew (one combine), it’s just the nature of the game.  It was off to Johnson (or Johnson City, Kansas – it depends who you ask or what sign you are looking at as to the official name of this town) for the first trip on Sunday. 

Monday, we made the trip to Dallas, Texas to pick up my dog.  She has been in the animal hospital in Dallas since the Friday before Memorial Day.  She was bitten twice by a rattlesnake on a job in Texas.  I am so glad she is home.  But her vet visits are not over.  We have to find vets along the harvest route for bandage changes, until she is completely healed.   (more…)

06/06/17 – Anthony, Kansas

Audra Zimmerman – Zimmerman Harvesting

Well, we are onto wheat harvest in Northern Oklahoma.  I survived my first wheat harvest in Texas and to be quite honest, I’m glad it’s over.  I really am not a big fan of Texas.  One word…”Rattlesnakes”!!!   Come to find out, they are in Oklahoma too, ugh!!!

A wise harvester once told me, “The best part of Oklahoma is looking at it from your rearview mirror”. I’m thinking the same holds true for Texas.  

Actually, there are more trees and green grass in Oklahoma, so I think it’s better than Munday, Texas.  Andy keeps telling me, “Texas is a BIG place”.  I guess there might be more beautiful parts to Texas, but not where you harvest wheat.  

Anyway, update on the “Combine Dog”.  She was bitten by a baby rattlesnake on Memorial Day weekend.  She is still in the animal hospital in Dallas.  She will have skin grafts later this week on her leg (no amputation…yay!!!).  This is becoming one expensive dog ($10k+).  I could buy a small car for the amount we are spending on my dog, but that’s what you do when you have no kids.  I hope she can come “home” next week.