08/25/17 – Hodgeville, Saskatchewan Canada

Dana Petersen – L. Petersen Farms

Nothing like the feeling of heading “home”

There is nothing like the feeling of heading “home”.  I’m sure you’re thinking… didn’t I read a post about “them” heading to Canada like a month ago??? True, true, yes we did cross the border into Canada on August 1st (our earliest yet in 19 years) and, yes, we’ve been back at Hodgeville to the home farm a time or two to check on “things” but most of our time while being in Canada has been in the Weyburn area. Well TODAY I am bringing my camper (or our summer home) “home” and there is nothing like that feeling!

Heading home August 25, 2017


8/17/17 – Dana Petersen’s interview with 98.5 FM Yorkton (Jack Dawes)

Dana Petersen – L. Petersen Farms

Dana had the pleasure and fortune to tell her story to Jack Dawes via the radio station 98.5 FM Yorkton on Thursday, 8/17/17. Woo Hoo!!!


Keep tellin YOUR story!


Dana Petersen – L. Petersen Farms

Keeping the kids busy

One of the responsibilities as a mom is to try to keep the kiddos busy at the trailer house.  Our oldest son is in the field every day but because we have enough crew members, the other two are sometimes at the trailer with me!  Every once in a while, we need to come up with a project to keep them busy….

This year the kids have been busy making slime and we’ve found a recipe that works, thanks to Jada & Kaidence of Hoffman Harvesting.  Kaidence & Tilynn had fun making slime in Kansas and so now Tilynn & Rhett are trying the recipe out and we are more than happy to share it with you: