06/12/17 – Ravensthorpe, Western Australia

    Last field!

    Jess Carmichael -Urara

    After 7 weeks, 4000 ha of crop, and 300 ha of pasture, seeding for 2017 has finally come to an end!

    Between some pretty big teething problems with the new seeder box and extremely dry conditions, we had a pretty slow start to the season. This added an extra challenge to the process of learning how to operate the air seeder – luckily for me I had some very patient teachers in my boss, Rian, and the farm’s main worker, Steve. I was also pretty excited to get to work with 2 other awesome HarvestHERs/Farmhers – Jodi who predominantly runs the sheep side, and Kaz who does all of the agronomy.

    A beautiful sunset to finish off my awesome seeding experience.

    Around 3 1/2 weeks in, we mostly got the seeder running as it was supposed to and even got a bit of rain so we were able to crank up and start going around the clock. I ran the seeder for day shift from 5am til 5pm, while Steve did the other 12 hours on night shift.


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