06/14/17 – Wetaskiwin County Alberta Canada

Jill Burkhardt – Crooked Lake Farm

Calving started a bit early for us.

We had an “oops” from when our bulls escaped the previous spring, so on February 9th, we welcomed our first calf. Fortunately, the bulls only got lucky once. 😉 But the rest of the herd must have been feeling the early calving vibe. We (re)started calving April 3 and by April 28 (the official due date), we were half done! It was fast and furious and as of today, we only have 15 or so left.


Jill Burkhardt

I’m married to a 5th generation mixed farmer in Alberta Canada. Although I grew up on a small farm (80 acres) in Illinois when I was a kid, my dad got out of crops and into hay & cattle before I was really old enough to help much. I didn’t know much about crops when we first got married. Let alone, how long it can take to seed & harvest,...