06/05/17 – Putnam, Oklahoma

Karlie Neumiller – Neumiller Harvesting

Yes…we’re playing the waiting game!  The last few days, we have been trying to make the best of sitting and waiting (patiently) for the wheat to dry.

We did try it.  All we found out was…we get to sit and wait a few more days.

I did end up at the walk-in clinic, due to dehydration.  I kept telling the guys to make sure they drink, drink, drink.  Then, I woke up in the middle of the night so sick.  Went into the clinic the next day to find out I was very dehydrated.  Guess I should have taken my own advise!  So, everyone make sure you keep hydrated!


05/29/17 – Putnam, Oklahoma

Karlie Neumiller – Neumiller Harvesting

Harvest 2017 has started!

We started our move south on Friday morning and made it to Stockton, Kansas. Got to sit in the pickup for an hour that night because the wind was so bad it felt like the campers were going to tip.

Saturday, we made it to our stop in Putnam, Oklahoma. We left Mychal’s equipment in Seiling, Oklahoma.

Sunday, we got up and headed back up to Seiling to haul his equipment over to Enid, Oklahoma.  Unloaded his stuff, made a Walmart run and headed back to our home away from home.

Some of the guys made it back to our camper before us to find water all over the ground. It was running out from the bottom of my camper. When we got back, I figured it out right away. Someone put the box of chips in my outside kitchen and ended up turning the water on. The water ran until it filled my holding tank and then just started running all over into my camper. We got the water all cleaned up and just hope no other problems come from it.

12/08/16 – Bowdon, North Dakota

Karlie Neumiller – Neumiller Harvesting

Snow Day!!! I mean Snow Days!

We have been snowed in for three days now. More than 18 inches of snow and it doesn’t stop blowing. Wind chills as low as -30°.