12/17/16 – Floydada, Texas

Kortney DeBock – CK DeBock Harvesting

We wrapped up harvest 2016 late last night, this was our longest harvest at just over 7 months! We had a great harvest with NO MAJOR BREAKDOWNS!!!!!! I had to wait until we were done to actually say it 😉 After last year it was a wonderful breath of fresh air. Thank you so much to all of our amazing farmers! Look forward to an even better year next year!

12/07/16 – Home, home (Texas)

Kortney DeBock – CK DeBock Harvesting

I’ll take my coffee in an IV drip, please.

I claim to be a “together” kind of person. I get my taxes filed in January, meal plan every week down to the last, little ingredient, pick out my clothes the night before and never stray away from what my to-do list and calendar tell me I need to be doing but keeping up with this blog has been a real backseat ride on the struggle bus. Maybe I still feel myself enamored that anybody cares to read summaries of my seemingly boring (ok, that’s not true) days.

08/11/16 – Havre, Montana

Kortney DeBock of CK DeBock Harvesting

Because everybody has to make a list nowadays…

1. Where as you once depended heavily on cruise control, you no longer use it because most of the time you’re pulling something or going down a rutted out back road.

2. Privacy is your fairy tale. You live in a camper. There is little more that needs to be said.


07/18/16 – On the Road Again

Kortney DeBock – CK DeBock Harvesting

Last move we had 2 blowouts. This move we got to do a full oil change in a parking lot.*

*Insert joke about how many custom harvesters does it take to change the oil?

06/30/16 – Ulysses, Kansas

DeBock Harvesting

We got moved to Kansas from Oklahoma Tuesday afternoon.