07/31/17 – Polson, Montana

Lindsey Sterkel – Dutch Orchard

Well, that’s a wrap for cherry harvest 2017 for Dutch Orchard!

Earlier this week, the boys swamped around 800 boxes in just one day! Now they’ll have time for their backs and arms to rest during their 15 hour drive home!

Cherry harvest always varies from a week or longer or even shorter. This year’s harvest was a little longer than normal due to the ripening of the fruit. Some had ripened really quick while others took their time and took some major scouting through the trees to make sure the best fruit was getting picked.

It takes about a week or so to get everything ready to roll. They’ll get the sorting room ready and cleaned, the bins out of storage, the big walk-in cooler cleaned, the gas tanks filled, the ladders out, the stand cleaned and ready, paperwork ready and getting the word out to come get some yummy Flathead cherries in the area.

It doesn’t seem like anyone loses weight during harvest. Even the boys, although they are working their tails off swamping the cherries in the field. Mom cooks supper for everyone and it’s always something really good that you can’t help but have seconds of. (Moms nickname is Martha 😋)



07/24/17 – Polson, Montana

Lindsey Sterkel – Dutch Orchard

Good morning everyone! It is cherry harvest up here in Northwest Montana! 🍒

Turk and I arrived a couple of days ago and harvest was in full swing!

Mom and dad, Susan and Mark Sterkel, brought two of my cousins, Conner and Christian. My brother Nick, sister-in-law, Trish, and their little girl came up and my sister flew in! So it’s been so awesome to be in such a pretty area with a lot of our family! My grandma has a house up here, as well, and it’s right on the huge Flathead lake!

The view at the end of the orchard! 


12/26/16 – Edinburgh, Scotland

Lindsey Sterkel

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Goodness we have been on the run since we’ve gotten here and it’s been a blast!

When we first landed in London it was so foggy, we didn’t get to see much. When we got into the airport we were running through it because we thought we were going to miss our flight to Edinburgh! Luckily, it was delayed about an hour so we didn’t miss it!! (more…)