07/02/17 – Colby, Kansas

Lynn Prevost – Prevost Harvesting Ltd

This has been quite a year for the HarvestHER life!

Our first stop was North Kansas which was an average run. However we arrived, unloaded, parked campers and was gone. Within a week we were on the move again…but to where? We made a stop in Colby to pay a visit to fellow harvesters. No acres to cut, though, due to the weather.


03/10/17 – Rose Valley, Saskatchewan Canada

Lynn Prevost – Prevost Harvesting Ltd.

Wow! It is that time already where paperwork is being processed to begin the Harvest Run of 2017. Every year-end I think, “I am going to be more organized next year”!


07/04/16 – Kansas

Lynn Prevost – Prevost Harvesting

One day I will sit & write what we have been up to – this picture lets you know. Carting is my thing!

07/01/16 – Beloit, Kansas

Prevost Harvesting

06/29/16 – Beloit, Kansas

Prevost Harvesting

Well we have been in Kansas for 10 days now and I am finally getting around to a post. Have been going hard other than one day because of rain. Cleaning machines today to move over to Western Kansas. The sunsets in this country are amazing and nothing quiet like cutting wheat and getting to witness them every night