08/10/17 – Plentywood, Montana

Megan Bertsch – Jr’s Harvesting

Are any of my HarvestHER friends observant on the country gravel roads like I am? I am a distant looker when I drive and when I spot something that seems interesting, I try to go back to it and see what it is. Usually it’s when I take supper to the field I find something that I can take a picture of or something I can just admire. So with that, I always take the same way home just to go back to that spot. Last night, I came across that something I just had to come back to.

This is what I had to come back to.  It’s a dark pic due to it being late in the evening. It’s an auger on a hill in a pasture with a fence around it. I ask myself, “Why is it that way”? Is someone buried there? Is it a landmark? ๐Ÿค” Not sure but it got my attention. It’s an old auger, of some value to someone. It’s things like this I find that keeps me curious ๐Ÿ˜

We are currently in northeastern Montana cutting Durum. My child still calls it wheat but that’s okay. Definitely not the best crop they have had but with the drought, I guess it’s better than nothing.


07/18/17 – Colorado

Megan Bertsch – Jr’s Harvesting Inc.

As I sit at the field with all the men and listen to the combines roar and the birds chirp, I thank God for all he has blessed Monte and I with. With this year being an eye-opener year of what it can be like on harvest, I definitely count my blessings throughout the day.

We are currently in Colorado. The wheat is not doing too bad. Storms have been staying away. We ran into some green wheat so we had a few days off but those few days were maintenance days. (more…)

06/29/17 – North Central Kansas

Megan Bertsch – Jr’s Harvesting Inc.

The harvest life is “what you make of it”, they say, right?

Well this year is a year to remember. Hoping for your next job to turn out is a stressorย beyond belief. We have been fortunate, so far, but as we hear of things up north it just seems disappointing. We try to stay as positive on every note as we can be. Not sure of which direction a person should go takes a toll on us all. I keep a positive aspect on all situations. On a positive note we are in the field kicking up dust. We are currently in the north central part of Kansas. All is great so far as long as the storms stay away. ๐Ÿ™