06/06/17 – Leedey, Oklahoma

    Randi Beckley – Beckley Harvesting

    I have to admit, the first couple weeks of harvest are always tough. Yes, we get to play with the kids a lot when Jake is home, but for those days he is in the fields testing wheat or working on equipment, it’s just me and three little hoodlums inside the trailer house, with walls that seem to get smaller the longer we stay inside. I’m sure a lot of you HarvestHERs feel the same way. When I’m at home in Kansas, I have lots of things to do to stay busy: volunteering at school, going to the store, visiting friends, working on house projects, taking kids to school and various activities, and spending time with extended family. But when we begin harvest, my only job is to cook for our guys, and the rest of the time, I’m on my own. To go from being busy every day and having multiple commitments, to suddenly being in a small trailer house in the middle of nowhere, can be a little isolating, at first. I try to use this time to cross books off my ever-expanding reading list and to find fun things to do with the kids. Still, it’s a big adjustment every year.

    Jake and I have been making the most of our time together and are trying to give the kids some good memories of harvest. Jake has been coming to Leedey for harvest since he was a little boy, so he knows all the fun things in town, and, of course, all the best fishing ponds. Each kid got an evening alone with their dad to go fishing and each one came back beaming, with tales of fish as long as their arms. We’ve spent a lot of time fishing (and a lot of time picking off ticks).


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