06/21/17 – Guymon, Oklahoma

    Shana Gregory – 4G Harvesting & Trucking

    I have been needing to write an update for a week now, but it’s just been so busy that I haven’t been able to think straight, lol.

    Last week I got up and cooked breakfast like I always do, when my hubby bust out of the bedroom saying, “I have a plan”! Well, his plan was to go ahead and move north (Guymon, Oklahoma) that day.  Most of his instructions to me lately are followed by, “like now”. We all scrambled trying to get everything ready to fold up, load up, and move. I don’t know how we did it, but we were setting on the new job site before dark that day.

    We have added what I just keep calling “paperwork” to my job duties. Keeping up with loads, bushels, and rates for each field. Now we have decided to maybe try out QuickBooks to help organize our expenses, which will be yet another added job duty for me. I am a QuickBook newbie so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    I had just hung up the phone with a friend of mine this morning (her attempting to explain QuickBooks to me) and called my mom back when my son comes into the camper to inform me that our truck driver had stepped off the bed of the pickup wrong and twisted his ankle. Being that I’m a nurse and have worked mostly in orthopedics, I knew that the first job was to get his boot off before the swelling increased and we weren’t able to get it off. Also, I wasn’t going to determine anything without an X-ray. We have already spent 1/2 a day in Urgent Care waiting on results and still currently waiting. I guess being bored in a waiting room is the perfect time to give a run-down of our week, lol. Prayers for Chris that healing will be quick, would be appreciated! It’s his clutch foot, so we need it every now and then 😉…I did go buy him a set of crutches, although the walker would have been much more amusing for me (being he’s in his early 20’s).