08/02/17 – Early, Texas

Shana Gregory – 4G Harvesting

Hey everyone!

I haven’t had much to update you all on in what feels like forever! Mainly because we have been out of the field for several weeks now and service has been hit and miss in places also. We have made repairs on equipment, explored the great state of Colorado, and got caught up on rest…the cooking and laundry is still ongoing though, lol! Now, we are anxiously waiting on some barley to get ready to harvest. So…we wait a little longer.

Actually, this coming weekend, our son (grain cart driver) and I will head back home to Texas for 2-a-days to gear up for the upcoming football season. Our daughter went home a few weeks ago to take a college entrance exam to be able to take dual credit classes this year and to help my mom out with a new litter of mini/toy Aussie puppies. We have even added one of them to our family…his name is Case. ☺️ With that, there are obviously things I’m excited to get home for, but it will be a completely different life than what we have been living this summer, for sure. I’m ready and dreading it all at the same time. One thing I know…we will miss our harvester something terrible!


06/21/17 – Guymon, Oklahoma

Shana Gregory – 4G Harvesting & Trucking

I have been needing to write an update for a week now, but it’s just been so busy that I haven’t been able to think straight, lol.

Last week I got up and cooked breakfast like I always do, when my hubby bust out of the bedroom saying, “I have a plan”! Well, his plan was to go ahead and move north (Guymon, Oklahoma) that day.Β  Most of his instructions to me lately are followed by, “like now”. We all scrambled trying to get everything ready to fold up, load up, and move. I don’t know how we did it, but we were setting on the new job site before dark that day.

We have added what I just keep calling “paperwork” to my job duties. Keeping up with loads, bushels, and rates for each field. Now we have decided to maybe try out QuickBooks to help organize our expenses, which will be yet another added job duty for me. I am a QuickBook newbie so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I had just hung up the phone with a friend of mine this morning (her attempting to explain QuickBooks to me) and called my mom back when my son comes into the camper to inform me that our truck driver had stepped off the bed of the pickup wrong and twisted his ankle. Being that I’m a nurse and have worked mostly in orthopedics, I knew that the first job was to get his boot off before the swelling increased and we weren’t able to get it off. Also, I wasn’t going to determine anything without an X-ray. We have already spent 1/2 a day in Urgent Care waiting on results and still currently waiting. I guess being bored in a waiting room is the perfect time to give a run-down of our week, lol. Prayers for Chris that healing will be quick, would be appreciated! It’s his clutch foot, so we need it every now and then πŸ˜‰…I did go buy him a set of crutches, although the walker would have been much more amusing for me (being he’s in his early 20’s).


06/12/17 – Floydada, Texas

Shana Gregory – 4G Harvesting & Trucking

For the most part, harvest is very rewarding. I love that my family can participate in feeding the world….together! I love our work ethics and what we are instilling in our kids. I love the peacefulness of it. I love the photo opportunities. I love our Faith in these crops and praying for the right weather conditions. I love the adventure.

With that being said, sometimes it’s still hard seeing the “normal people” having the weekend off to have #SundayFunday or going on family vacations while we are working very long hours, barely keeping up with what day it is. Especially, when our Sunday consists of breakdowns.

Yesterday, we had just gotten moved to a new field and was waiting on a clear spot to be made to park the vehicles and trailers when our header found an unmarked valve. It’s hot, the wind is ridiculous, and there is never a good time for this to happen–but it does. All you can do is deal with it.


06/07/17 – Floydada, Texas

Shana Gregory – 4G Harvesting & Trucking

I know a lot of men who prefer a flat-bed pickup to work out of…but this HarvestHER is also appreciating the dining space it provides!

I have a collection of Tupperware that I use to put food in & then zip it up in my insulated 31 bag to help keep warm until I can get to the field. The only problem is, I think I may need a second bag, lol! Lately, we have been doing a “fix your own plate how you want it” type of serving. We also keep coolers stocked with plenty of drinks on each pickup so I don’t have to worry about bringing drinks. However, I would also love any other handy tips to serving meals in the field.

Hope everyone is off to a great start so far!! 🌾

05/31/17 – Floydada, Texas

Shana Gregory – 4G Harvesting & Trucking

Hello fellow HarvestHER‘s! I hope your season has started off on a good note!

We are on our 4th stop of the season so far (counting our own at home) and haven’t had any major setbacks, other than a couple of rainy days here and there and typical minor breakdowns. Other than that, it’s been fairly smooth cutting (2700 acres with one combine so far).

This morning, I get up and start cooking breakfast and making lunches for my guys. I was told before they left that I would be needed to help move later on in the day. I usually just go ahead and get ready for that very often phone call of, “I need you, like right now!” I hurried to the on-site laundry room to get our clothes washed before I got that phone call. Got it done! Then, decided to even run to the grocery store to get a couple of things I needed for supper. Got it done! Got the camper cleaned up (dishes washed and laundry put away). I even got supper in the crock pot. I was so proud of my accomplishments that I even decided to pop in a movie for a bit while I waited. That’s when I got the phone call. “I need you to go to Case and pick up a belt…like right now! Then just go ahead and come to the field to help us move.”