06/06/17 – El Reno, Oklahoma

Smiles all around after visiting Henry’s Guns.

Stephanie Hansen – J&H Harvesting

I’m not sure why I haven’t written any updates yet. I sure don’t have an excuse, we have been sitting in El Reno with more RAIN! It’s so hard sitting here watching the abundance of moisture sitting in the fields preventing us from finishing jobs. Back home (Scobey, Montana), they are SO dry and need rain! Praying they will get some soon or we might be hurting by the time harvest rolls around.

On a happier note, we have visitors from across the pond!  Flemming’s parents are visiting us from Denmark for a few weeks. Having this rain delay has given him a chance to join us in some sightseeing. Both of his parents have celebrated their birthdays while here with their boys. Their father enjoyed his special day meeting his newest grandson, Jens Jesper.  Lexi blessed us all with a handsome little boy! Makes things a little easier on Jesper having to miss out on harvest this year!


05/29/17 – Seymour, Texas

Stephanie Hansen – J&H Harvesting

Happy Memorial Day HarvestHERs!

Hope everyone is having a great harvest so far this year or safe travels for those that are just making the trek south!  We have been in Texas for a little over two weeks now and finally finished with our cutting jobs!  Never seems to fail, we get down here and ready to work, work, work and the weather decides to rain, rain, rain! We ended up sitting for a about a week after the rains until it was dry enough for the farmer to let us cut.  We decided to put our rain days to good use and clean up the lot we park on.  For years, we have talked about hauling in gravel and leveling out our dirt lot.  So, one morning we sent off a couple of truckers to pick up a few loads of gravel and we leveled out and spread three truckloads of gravel with hard-working men and shovels!! I would say the boys earned their keep!


Stephanie Hansen

06/14/16 Hello! I’m finally joining the movement of HarvestHER!! Here is a quick snip about me. I look toward to sharing recipes and more with you all! Hey girls! I’m Stephanie Hansen from J&H Harvesting out of Scobey, MT. My husband, Flemming, and his brother, Jesper, both started working for Mark Jensen as hired men and through the years built a strong relationship and partnership. Flemming has been in the...

06/21/16 – All over the place – Texas & Kansas

J&H Harvesting A short summary of our past few days. We have machines in Vega, Texas/Wichita Falls,Texas/Garden City, Kansas and Kinsley, Kansas. Guys down in Texas have run into sink holes of mud and green wheat. We have been going steady cutting some really great wheat in Kinsley and they only had 40 acres left in Garden City but it was too green to finish. We were all but done...