07/21/16 – Mountain Getaway

Whitney Crabtree – Crabtree Farms & Harvesting

Harvest is finally wrapped up here at home, after a good month of running hard all that’s left to do is finish handing out invoices and get the equipment cleaned and serviced.We finished our last field of wheat on Wednesday, July 13 and moved everything to the barn. It was a long three hour move back, but three felt like four or more with two unhappy little ones in the backseat! With all our jobs finished, the mountains were definitely calling to me!


Somehow I convinced the boss man to take me on a mountain getaway to our family cabin. Saturday through Monday we had a nice relaxing vacation. Adrienne caught her first fish which turned out to be a scary thing for a two year old. I’m sure she’ll beg me to never show the video when she’s older, but it provided lots of laughter for us!




As all of us HarvestHERs know, vacations generally turn into business trips. So, Tuesday we drove over to Goodland, KS to look at a truck and a few headers. We made it back home Wednesday and have been tying up loose ends this week. I’m not quite sure what the plan is from here, either find more wheat or wait for fall harvest here at home. Everything is in God’s hands and he’s a better planner than I could ever be!