Harvest Chex Mix

Nancy Eberts – Eberts Harvesting Inc.

Half way through the harvest season, there is always the “what-new-could-you-put-in-the-lunchbox” kinda of mornings…especially with the heat and long days.

I tried a “Harvest Chex mix”.

Upon my last trip to Menards, I purchased sesame sticks, bean sticks, butter braid pretzels, wheat Chex cereal, mixed nuts, toasted corn, soy nuts and discovered you can buy the Gardetto’s rye chips separately. How cool is that!

Made quite a few bags and Myron likes it so…SCORE!

On a side note, try the toasted corn as a topping for chili! Quite marvelous!

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Definition of a HarvestHER - a strong woman willing to do whatever it takes to get the harvest in. She must have these qualities: 1. Be ready to go at the drop of a hat...sometimes without a lunchbox. 2. Has removed the word impossible from her vocabulary! 3. Can hold a baby, take care of a toddler and drive a tractor or combine all at the same time. 4. Must be able to cook for a crew - large or small. 5. Must be able to read minds. 6. Must be able to banter with a parts man until he realizes you DO know what you're talking about. 7. Must be the entertainment director for those rainy days. 8. Be a wife, mom, friend, helper, cook, problem solver, taxi driver or extra crew hand at all times. 9. Can handle the call that makes you react, "You need what? When?" Dropping everything you're doing to make it happen. 10. At the end of the day say, "I really do love this life".

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