Amanda Buus Thomsen and her husband, Anders, own BT Harvesting from Burlington, Oklahoma. Anders wrote the following story about his wife:

There are so many women following the harvest trail, following their husbands and their family business, and often are the backbone that keeps thousands of little (or big) details in order such as: payroll, cooking for the crew, keeping receipts, going on parts runs, running a combine while the crew enjoy their dinner, writing bills after their better half hands them a pile of yellow sticky notes with acres, rates, yield or a name of a random farmer we cut a quarter for before moving on. The list is endless and not very often do they claim the credit for all they do or deserve, and I am lucky enough to be married to one of the best!

Amanda and I met about 5 years ago. She was raised on a farm in Illinois where everybody has their own combine, so custom harvest was a little foreign to her. She joined me on harvest a little the first year when she was able to get away from her job as an Ag Teacher, and in August 2013 she came along full time.

She is awesome at helping in the shop too, from holding a wrench to welding, polishing trucks and everything in between.

Harvest is more a lifestyle than a job. Often, long days and frustrations over weather not cooperating but it’s all worth it when you are in the field combining or talking to your friends along the trail. Shorty Kulhanek said it dead on – he could maybe run the business without his wife being along, but it wouldn’t be as much fun, and not sure he would do it without her. That’s how I feel, and I am lucky enough to have mine along!