Hi Everyone!!

I’m Brittany Van Driesten from Van Driesten Harvesting Ltd. from Fort Macleod, Alberta Canada. My husband, Mike, and I were married in 2009 and started Harvesting in 2010. I grew up on a mixed farm in Saskatchewan and was always in a combine with my Grandma at harvest time but never knew this lifestyle existed! Funny how the world works sometimes! Maybe I was being prepared for this lifestyle!☺️


Now on our 7th season, I couldn’t imagine life any different. Last year was my first year not in a combine; I was pregnant with our first child. So I was now the cook and taking it relatively easy. It was hard for me at first because I loved spending hours upon hours driving the combine. This year, with a 7 month old and a crew of 6 to feed, I am trying to find the happy medium of cooking and spending time with my son, Wyatt! He is such a happy baby so he does make it really easy!



I enjoy all of these posts and love meeting the new crews along the way! I’m proud to be a HarvestHER and am enjoying your recipes!! 👌🏽 I’ve used a few already! 😊