May 28, 2016

This evening, I’d like to introduce you to HarvestHER‬ Nancy Eberts of Eberts Harvesting Inc. She and the crew are currently waiting on the‪‎ wheat‬ to dry around Frederick, OK. She typed her story a couple of nights ago while waiting for the power to come back on (after a very scary storm). Sitting and waiting for wheat to dry seems to be the common story right now for a lot of the harvesters. Nancy’s Harvest Story:

When the administrator of the NACH (North American Custom Harvesters) and HarvestHER Facebook pages asked me to pen my harvest story, I chuckled thinking…which one? There are thousands!

Like learning to drive truck (back in my tube top and roll-by-hand tarp days) or like calling my husband on the radio letting him know that I am stuck and explaining it was not a lake, I was just trying to get it all! I truly enjoyed the experience of working with Case IH in the new cab development process. I probably can’t repeat some of the stories I found out (years later) about the fun and mischief our kids got into while on the harvest, and then there’s the “using the Mother Nature Restroom” stories. Thank goodness for the size of combine tires! There are the food mishaps and traveling stories.

It just goes on and on. But in listening to Tracy explain how she wanted to promote women of harvest, I got to thinking that it’s the connection that is MY story to the connection of all of us who take part in so many ways in the harvest and on the trail.

Honestly, I never met a harvester or farmer who didn’t either miss his wife because she was at home or appreciate his wife for being there when she could. Never one that didn’t appreciate his mother, sister, aunt or grandmother, and what they have done to help out. The harvest women are connected.

I have been on the road since the summer of 1982 and there are so many people from businesses to farmers to the next door trailer/camper neighbors that keep me wanting to come back and keep doing what I love.

I started out driving a Chevy truck then quickly graduated to the combine. Always red (Case IH) -just never always new. A 20 foot header to a 40 foot header, and the gates never changed! Myron and I raised 4 awesome kids and have worked with well over 100 great employees along the way. their pictures are on the mens camper walls and often start a good “Myron story”. We never missed mass and cherish all the parishes and the warm welcomes we have received throughout these flyover states!

I now spend my time mostly between the two campers or one could say between the clothesline, the grill, the office and the cab. Whatever it takes to “get ‘er done” and my visits and connections with all the people are a blessing I am continually thankful for.

Here’s Nancy with three of five of her and Myron’s wonderful grandchildren. Brynn, Maci and Brystol are on the chair. Madelyn and Mack are not pictured.

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