I’m married to a 5th generation mixed farmer in Alberta Canada. Although I grew up on a small farm (80 acres) in Illinois when I was a kid, my dad got out of crops and into hay & cattle before I was really old enough to help much.

I didn’t know much about crops when we first got married. Let alone, how long it can take to seed & harvest, especially when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

Fast forward 12 years, we’ve taken over co-owning & managing the farm for 5 years now. We’ve also expanded our operation not only on the crop side, but on the cattle side of things.

During harvest, my job title is very broad. First, and foremost, I look after our 3 children ages 11, 4 & 5 months and take them to their extra curricular activities. I also cook and deliver meals to the field nightly to keep my husband fed.

I manage our cattle herd year-round; so every few days, I check on and move cows to new pastures. I will also bale hay (if we have any down during harvest) and straw behind the combines. It doesn’t sound like a lot but with kids in tow it can be pretty hectic!

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