Hi everyone! I thought I’d introduce our little family! I’ve enjoyed reading all of your posts and realizing there are so many women on the harvest, we’re not alone! 🙂

My name is Katie Wenger. My husband and I run Wenger Farms and Harvesting. We started right after we were married in 2011, (just 19!) I had to learn to combine quick and learn to be flexible even if that means a late dinner! This is our 6th year of harvesting and we have grown in every way. We hire a crew of 4-6 guys and run 3 combines. I no longer get to combine as much (only when we’re in a bind) because I am officially full-time cook and taking care of my two little boys, Caleb who is 3 and Ethan who is 1. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but feeding a crew is a lot of work! If only I had a dishwasher! We are based out of Versailles, Missouri where we also raise beef cattle, corn, and soy beans. We usually start combining in southern Oklahoma and finish wheat in Montana, then head back to Kansas for corn and then home to do our own harvest! It’s a long summer, but we enjoy the rat race and are thankful for the opportunities God has given us.


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