Hello! I’m Lindsey Sterkel from JKD Harvesting that’s based in Colby, KS and this will be my third harvest. I’m originally from Colorado and the closest thing to an agricultural background I have is my parents owning a cherry orchard in Polson, MT. Every summer we’d go from Colorado to Montana for three to four weeks doing the cherry harvest, and it was always the highlight of my summer. I then moved to Kansas to go to dental hygiene school. In my last year of school I met Turk and have been together for two in a half years now.13417516_147107659038809_8332268746726909789_n

The first season that came around I was very hesitant of going on harvest. Turk finally decided if I was going to come I needed a CDL. I passed with my first try and I don’t know if Turk has ever had such an excited phone call before! I started in August of 2014 and Turk started me out in the Automatic day cab. I then upgraded to the big blue, ten speed and grinned with every gear for a little while. I’m now promoted to the flagship of our trucks which is so exciting but nerve wracking all at the same time!13419199_147107669038808_7591331260255770243_n

13450326_147107699038805_7533569115979226403_nI mainly drive truck on harvest, but I’ve been known to jump into a combine if Turk has to run off somewhere, hop in a grain cart for a quick second if needed, cook every once in a great while and help with most of the bookwork.

Although I graduated with a dental hygiene degree I have fell in love with harvest. I love all of the amazing people I have met and friends I’ve made along the way whether it be other harvesters, the crew, farmers, or even the people at the elevators. I’m still very new to all this and have really learned the true meaning to “go with the flow”, but we have stories that people couldn’t dream of hearing and I wouldn’t want to change one day of it!!

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