Prevost Harvesting

The time has finally arrived. The first of two loads is headed to Kansas tomorrow morning leaving the farm in Saskatchewan at 4am. I am staying behind to do a few extra things around here, finish packing the coach and crew trailer.

My husband has been custom harvesting for 23 years and I have been full time for 15 of those years.

This time of the year always comes with mixed emotions. Leaving grandkids for the summer is always hard to do, but there is plenty of room for them to come visit.

I look forward to getting myself into the four window office, watching the combines take in that golden grain, me getting it to the grain trailers, who in turn get it to a safe place for the farmer. Harvest is the glory for all the hard work the farmers have done from getting that seed in the ground, spraying and watching closely as it grows, playing that game of chance and hoping that Mother Nature is kind.

I also look forward to the campgrounds, be it at the farmers yard or the fairgrounds, it does not matter where you are camped, harvesters are all like a big family. Seeing harvest friends and making new ones along the way is something I cannot wait for each year.

Look forward to keeping up with everyone!!!! Stay safe!