Good morning from Southeast Kansas (2S Land & Cattle)! Wheat harvest is just beginning here. My husband and I and are 5th generation farmers and ranchers farming some of the same ground that both of our grandfathers farmed. Wheat harvest at our place is a little crazy for different reasons than those the other HarvestHERs have shared.

We live in an area with higher humidity, so we can’t cut wheat 24 hours a day. If we are lucky we can start before lunch and cut until 10 pm before the dew sets in. We keep busy the rest of the day though. Yesterday, we filled the barn with alfalfa hay before cutting wheat. Today, we are giving the corn some more fertilizer today. That’s right sprayers can be used for things other than chemicals!

Our boys are also at camp, so we are in charge of their chores while they are gone.

I drive the combine most days and rely on my Crock-Pot to feed the family at the end of the day.

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