Shana Gregory – 4G Harvesting & Trucking

Hello fellow HarvestHER’s!! My name is Shana and I am so excited to be a part of this group of women and the amazing journeys we all face daily!

My husband (Jeff) & I are custom harvesters, mostly, but do have a small farm at home in central Texas where we are currently getting ready to harvest wheat of our own. Jeff and I have that “high school sweetheart” story and have been married for 18 years this June. We have a 16-year-old daughter (Hadley) that will put her driver’s license to good use this summer moving equipment 😉, a 14-year-old son (Hayden) who runs our grain cart, and an almost 3-year-old Great Dane (Jax) that is the boss of this whole operation!

My part is making sure everything is clean, everyone is fed, equipment is where it needs to be, run the combine or the grain cart if needed, I chase parts with the best of them, make sure everything is taken care of at home from house work and bills to wheat land, all while attempting to keep the stress levels at a minimum. We have been harvesting wheat for nearly 3 weeks already in South, Texas and are wrapping it up, so it’s nearly time to get equipment moved back home.

I would say my most important “job” is being a wife, mom, and whatever you call the many hats I wear for harvest season, but my side job is nursing. I work PRN at our local hospital on a medical/surgical unit during the school year on days I am not doing something farm/Harvesting/mom/wife related. I struggled a lot over the years on trying to juggle what I’m good at (nursing) to what I love the most (harvest life), but once you ever get your feet dirty, there’s just no going back to anything else! Not to mention that having my little family together and watching my kids take a big part in helping put food on families tables is a very heart warming, proud mom moment! My kids have the very best, hard-working daddy around and I love that they have his work ethic to learn from.

I look forward to all this harvest season entails and also to sharing it with you all! There is definitely never a dull moment…am I right?! I hope you all have a very blessed year!!

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