Hi there my name is Sheri! My husband Steve and I are the owners of SJS Farms, Inc.


We are based out of MN. We are not a generation harvesting crew. We are proof that buying out another harvester works! Although a lot has changed since buying the company, we are extremely happy. (Yes we changed the name.)

We do things a bit different on our crew. We hire a cook/nanny to do our cooking and help watch after our younger kids. (10 and 12, When they aren’t running equipment themselves.) She does so much more for us as well. Moving headers, pulling campers, running for parts.

We do this as I’m one of the “guys.” I am one of the combine operators. I enjoy being in the fields. There is joy that comes with running beside my husband in the field. Harvest is a way of life, an honest living. We harvest the crops that feed the world!




We want to introduce our Cook/Nanny/parts runner/header-mover/camper-puller/our whatever-is-asked-lady-of-our-crew-trailer, Melinda. Melinda is a huge part of our crew. She does so much for us. We at SJS Farms want everyone to know how important it is to have someone like this on their crew. Having a meal brought to the field at night after a long day is always so wonderful. A huge thank you to all the wonderful cooks on the harvest crews!!


Introducing Melinda, our do-everything-for-us HarvestHER!

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