12/31/17 – Mutual, Oklahoma

Kylee DeBock – DeBock Harvesting

Wow! Where did 2017 go? As I sit here and reflect on the past year, it brings a smile to my face. My family is happy, healthy and we managed to make it though our 14th year on harvest.


12/29/17 South Heart, North Dakota (video)

Nancy Eberts – Eberts Harvesting Inc.

As we enjoy and savor these cold but faith-filled days of Christmas, we reflect on the year behind us and the year(s) ahead.

We count our blessings…not our worries.

2017 was one where Mother Nature proved to all of us that we are not in control.

My house is quiet and consists of me and Myron. I truly cherish these quiet days and look forward to New Years Eve with our kids and their families.

12/12/17 – Winulta, South Australia

Melissa Kenny – Jonel Farming

Well, it’s been a rather stop-start past couple of weeks of harvest for us. We’ve had two rain events substantial enough to keep us from reaping for a few days, with many people not getting back in the field in between. We were lucky that we didn’t receive the huge rains that had initially been forecast, though. Some of our Eastern states counterparts were not so fortunate.


12/04/17 – Colby, Kansas

Our new family of 6!

Randi Beckley – Beckley Harvesting

We are officially done with fall harvest! It seemed to drag endlessly on, but we have finally come to the end of the season.