Michelle Woerner-Schoenrock – Woerner Farms


09/13/17 – Alliance/Hemingford, Nebraska

Northern beans

Michelle Woerner-Schoenrock – Woerner Farms

Fall Harvest? Yes Please!

Howdy from Woerner Farms!!

Well, our fall harvest is in full swing. We are in the Alliance/Hemingford, Nebraska area and are working on edible beans (Northern and Pintos). It’s pretty fast-paced for the combines…as long as we can keep up with the trucks.ย  You can’t use grain carts with edibles so that’s always a lot more on us truck drivers!! The less the beans are handled, is best. They are pretty fragile and can split and scuff really easily.ย  That means less premium for our farmers…we sure want those premiums for our customers!!


07/23/17 – Burr Oak, Kansas

Headed home๐Ÿ’œ

Michelle Woerner-Schoenrock – Woerner Farms

It’s over already?

Wow!! Wheat harvest for Woerner Farms is in the books.

I hauled my last load to the elevator at 6:30 p.m. on 7/19/17.

Some will read this and say this girl is CRAZY!!! I didn’t even drive the speed limit!! I had to soak in the last haul down that road!! I’m not even going to lie!! I had a tear running down my face!! I do that every year hauling that last load of wheat in. I’m happy and blessed we had a good and safe run. In the same breath, it’s tough to know it’s done and over. Don’t get me wrong, I like fall harvest but wheat harvest is my love.๐Ÿ’œย This feeling is something only a harvester can understand. You just can’t put it into words.

What next?? Well we have some peas to do. We will also start getting ready for fall crops. The kids and myself will go home for a while. Maybe even take a little vacation!!

07/15/17 – Alliance & Hemingford, Nebraska

Making dust!

Michelle Woerner-Schoenrock – Woerner Farms

My favorite place๐Ÿ’œ

Well, it’s coming to a fast end. “Save the best for last”, they say.

We are in Alliance/Hemingford, Nebraska area. My favorite place!! We have made this stop since 1980.ย  It’s so nice to be someplace where everyone is like family.ย  We have many folks in this area that are so near and dear to our hearts.

We started irrigated wheat on 7/12. It’s average has been around 100 plus bushels to the acre. So us truck drivers are running like dogs chasing our tails!! You can never have enough trucks in irrigated wheat.ย  I’m in my element, I love to go, go, go!! I’m trying really hard to take in every minute in right now because I think this will be the last stop for our wheat harvest 2017. We have been so very blessed to have the acres and good weather this run!! #GODISGOOD

07/07/17 – Fleming, Colorado

Michelle Woerner-Schoenrock – Woerner Farms

Where does the time go??

Wowza!! The summer is flying by!!

We have packed up again and landed in Colorado.ย  I spent my Independence Day running back home to grab a grain trailer. Some of the towns along the way had some beautiful fireworks.ย  Cutting is going really fast here at Fleming, Colorado. We have been missing the rain showers. About 30% of the wheat has been hailed. But the wheat is still rolling in great. Average 45 bushels to the acre. Test weights have been around 62.