I’m Molly Jacobson, and my husband and I own Affinity Ag Custom Harvesting out of Billings, Montana. We’ve been married and harvesting since 2012, and now we’ve got two girls ages 2 and 1.

The following is just a glimpse into Molly’s story. To read more, be sure to click on the link which directs you to the rest of the story via her blog.

It never ceases to amaze me how different the agricultural world is from the rest of the world. In farming, it is perfectly acceptable to have no health insurance and sleep in your pickup. In the world I come from, if you do these two things, you are homeless.

A perfect example of this in my life is when I crossed that very wide gap between worlds overnight. Caleb and I got married on a Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. I walked into work Wednesday morning knowing that I had to give my two-weeks’ notice, as we were leaving for harvest soon. The week before, I had been discussing stock options and my 401K with my boss, and we were talking enthusiastically about my long-term goals in the company.

I stared at my computer screen, trying to decide which sounded better for my letter of resignation. Option one:

“Dear Human Resources:

Four weeks ago, I met a cowboy in a bar and we hitched our wagons last night. Thanks for the good times.


Or Option two:


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