10/18/17 – Onida, South Dakota

Hendrik is cutting oil sunflowers.

Amanda Buus Thomsen – BT Harvesting

Ever seen these crops?

I have good intentions about sitting down and sharing my thoughts and photos…I really do. I have so many things that I think would be neat to share, but sometimes they just never come about.  I have countless photos on my phone and camera that are just waiting to be shared, but are destined to remain in a sort of picture purgatory…until now.


08/31/17 – Garrison, North Dakota

Amanda Buus Thomsen – BT Harvesting

This morning as I was getting my coffee, I opened the cabinet and saw both of these coffee cups staring at me.  I just kind of stood there, taking them in as the words on both of them ring true. The last couple of days have been stressful and exhausting, and I was just looking forward to my morning pick-me-up.  I briefly contemplated adding a shot of Bailey’s, but since I do need a whole lotta Jesus today, I thought better of it. I’ve been living by Psalm 141:3 lately.

Anyway, I’ve found the most delicious banana bread recipe and thought you all might enjoy it, as well.  I wish I could take credit for it, but I found it while scrolling through Pinterest. I did add chocolate chips though…I just like to be a bit of a rebel like that.


08/13/17 – Garrison, North Dakota

Lentils in the field

Amanda Buus Thomsen – BT Harvesting 

Rain, lentils and new recipes…

The Dakotas have been in a tough drought this year, so the rain is definitely welcome…but Murphy’s Law seems to plague us on things like this.  It seems like we can cut for a few days and then in the middle of the night we hear the familiar sound of rain hitting the camper roof.  I’m torn between rolling my eyes and secretly smiling.  You’ve been there, right?

Since the guys are back in the field, I’ve tried more new recipes than I have in a long time. I’m trying to break my new-found cookie addiction by forcing myself to try new things (I hope my jeans thank me later).

I’ve tried quite a few recipes out of Meals From the Field by Karly Frederick. (If you don’t have this in your arsenal of cookbooks, you really should).  This year’s crew has really taken to her Huntington Chicken recipe.  So much so, that they’ve asked for it several times in one week.  It’s super easy, so I’m more than happy to oblige. They’ve also deemed her Ham and Noodle Casserole a winner, as well.


07/30/17 – Washburn, North Dakota

Amanda Buus Thomsen – BT Harvesting

I may have gone a little overboard…

You see, we’ve been sitting… waiting for our crops to ripen for over a week now.  It’s safe to say, at this point, the natives are restless.  I’ve been restless too, so I’ve baked cookies.  Lots of yummy, delicious, waist-widening, seam-stretching cookies. It’s my ‘go-to’ when I get bored…or I’m procrastinating doing my paperwork.

Anyway, I get the call.  The call both the crew and I had been waiting for.  Anders says, “I’ve already texted the guys.  The peas are ready, so you’ll need to make dinner.” I honestly never thought I would be so excited to make Italian beef.  (Sounds crazy, right?)  I fixed dinner trays, grabbed my camera and happily headed to the field. Before I handed out dinners, I (thankfully) got a few pictures of the guys running.  Little did I know those would be the only ones I would get.

Because the peas were so light and fluffy, they didn’t want to feed into the headers properly (we don’t have pea augers and didn’t have any problems cutting them last year). So, for an instant fix, the hubs used his MacGyver skills and turned PVC pipe and plumbers strap into a bar to keep the peas down and not flying over the back. It’s not ideal (or pretty), but definitely cheaper than buying an after-market kit.

The next day, the crew left for the field and I ran to the kitchen, more excited than I had been in weeks.  I planned a simple dinner…and it grew from there.  I decided to make Chicken Pot Pie (check out the recipe from the Pioneer Woman – it’s wonderful and easy), but, in my giddiness, decided I couldn’t use pre-made pie crust.  It had to be homemade. And 1 wouldn’t do…they would need to have 2.  Corn casserole, Tres Leches cake, fresh strawberries and biscuits rounded out their dinner.  Honestly, it didn’t look like I went overboard…until I put it all together.  Oops.

They get dirty with grease, I get dirty with flour.

This is probably enough for 7 guys, right?

And then it happened.  As soon as I got dinner served, the hubs rained on my parade of giddiness.  He told me they were done cutting peas and we would have a few days before the durum and spring wheat would be ready. So, here we sit again.

And now, I’m on my way to the store to get Crisco sticks, brown sugar and bigger pants.