I am Kortney DeBock; the newest member of DeBock Harvesting. I am embarking on my second Harvest run this summer.

I am originally from the panhandle of Texas, Floydada to be exact. I grew up a cotton farm and raising cattle. Following high school I attended Clarendon College, after my 2 years there I finished up my Agribusiness degree at Oklahoma Panhandle State University graduating in May of 2014. I married my best friend the following December (I know, I am such a cliché southern gal). With this fabulous new hubby I also married a business he had been involved in for over 10 years. We currently live in Dougherty, Texas, which is only 10 minutes from where I grew up.

For those not familiar with how harvest works, it goes like this: We start our “run” about the middle of May (this varies depending on if there is any wheat to be cut) in Texas and we travel North until we finish just right at the Canadian border around November (this also can vary). It is a literal rat race. You never know what to expect from day-to-day. This crew is guided by a little bit of luck and a whole lotta Jesus!

Visit Korney’s blog – https://kortneydebock.wordpress.com

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