Well here goes…

I didn’t think I had anything interesting to contribute to this wonderful page but I guess that’s the beauty of it.. sometimes an ordinary day might be worth writing about even if it gives one person an insight into a different world.

We are small South Australian (Winulta) farmers – Jonel Farming. We crop around 1500 acres with wheat, barley and lentils. Crops are all planted in May (just before winter) and harvested in November/December (start of our summer). We do all of the planting and harvesting ourselves and each year try to also pick up a bit of contract cutting to help with our combine payment.

It’s a fantastic lifestyle but seeding and harvest are definitely crazy time!

This year I haven’t contributed much towards harvest at all as I struggle to juggle a toddler, a baby, the paper side of the farm and all of the other bits and pieces (the house, meals, etc). We are very lucky to have an awesome Aunty, Uncle and Papa though who, alongside our truck driver, work tirelessly during this period to help us out!