Julie Vogts – Spring Valley Farms Inc

I weigh the trucks so the drivers don’t have to get out two to three times to do it. This saves us time, as I also empty the pit and shovel the grain, if need be. I should probably take a “reality” selfie for ya! But it wouldn’t be pretty! 🙂 Farm hair, no makeup, and lots of sweat and dust, folks!
A little bit about our operation!
We use a Case IH 6088 combine to harvest our wheat. We have a farm semi and grain trailer along with one Chevy grain truck.   We normally have one driver but this year, we have had a couple of family members available to help. One is our son-in-law, so that will be nice in the future to have his help. Milton’s one brother also helps at times. We fill our farm grain bins first then hall to the close grain elevator terminal. We are almost to the point that our bins are full.
Milton is a 4th generation farmer. He raises wheat, corn, milo, soybeans and some alfalfa.  During the winter, there are normally feeder cattle to feed, too. We have a few chickens too! We farm about 1200 acres.