08/13/17 – Garrison, North Dakota

Lentils in the field

Amanda Buus Thomsen – BT Harvesting 

Rain, lentils and new recipes…

The Dakotas have been in a tough drought this year, so the rain is definitely welcome…but Murphy’s Law seems to plague us on things like this.  It seems like we can cut for a few days and then in the middle of the night we hear the familiar sound of rain hitting the camper roof.  I’m torn between rolling my eyes and secretly smiling.  You’ve been there, right?

Since the guys are back in the field, I’ve tried more new recipes than I have in a long time. I’m trying to break my new-found cookie addiction by forcing myself to try new things (I hope my jeans thank me later).

I’ve tried quite a few recipes out of Meals From the Field by Karly Frederick. (If you don’t have this in your arsenal of cookbooks, you really should).  This year’s crew has really taken to her Huntington Chicken recipe.  So much so, that they’ve asked for it several times in one week.  It’s super easy, so I’m more than happy to oblige. They’ve also deemed her Ham and Noodle Casserole a winner, as well.

On Friday I decided to try her recipe for Bierocks. They are tasty little bits, but take a while to make.  I used a whole head of cabbage instead of what is called for, knowing the cabbage cooks down…and that we have some crew members that, um, avoid eating veggies.  Hidden veggies never hurt anyone. All our past crew members seemed to survive.

I had some Bierock filling left and decided to finish making them the next day.  And since it rained, the hubs was able to help out.  While he struggled to flatten the rolls out enough to put the filling in, he looks up, smiles at me and says “If I were the cook, I don’t think I would make these…but it’s really good that you’ll make them!”

Since I’ve been heavy on the breakfast burritos this year, we decided to make breakfast sandwiches instead (think homemade version of an egg mcmuffin). Sam’s Club had a pretty good deal on English Muffins, so we picked up a couple dozen, got some spicy breakfast sausage patties and got to work. Anders was home this morning so he helped put them together.

Thankfully we were able to finish lentils before the rain. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back in the field tomorrow. It sounds like we’ll finish up some wheat and then start straight cutting some canola.

Shelled out lentils

They’re a short crop, but with the drought this year, they were even shorter!

While the guys are working, I’ve got a new recipe riddled with veggies that I can’t wait to try out.  I wonder if they’ll notice?

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