12/29/17 South Heart, North Dakota (video)

Nancy Eberts – Eberts Harvesting Inc.

As we enjoy and savor these cold but faith-filled days of Christmas, we reflect on the year behind us and the year(s) ahead.

We count our blessings…not our worries.

2017 was one where Mother Nature proved to all of us that we are not in control.

My house is quiet and consists of me and Myron. I truly cherish these quiet days and look forward to New Years Eve with our kids and their families.

Noodles and Butterballs

This is my mom and niece making the butterballs.

Carlotta recently commented on the HarvestHER Facebook page Christmas giveaway that making Noodles and Butterballs was a family tradition she enjoyed. I encouraged her to share the recipe. Thank you, Carlotta, and Merry Christmas!


Christmas Goodies (Nancy Eberts)

I put a call out on the HarvestHER Facebook page and received these yummy recipes from Nancy Eberts of Eberts Harvesting. I told her I was going to create a post on the website for easier referral. Enjoy!!

“Growing up, these brown sugar cookies were always our Christmas cookie! They were frosted with the chocolate frosting I submitted during harvest.” – Nancy Eberts (more…)

12/20/17 – Winulta, South Australia

Melissa Kenny – Jonel Farming

That’s a wrap for us…harvest 2017 is in the books! It hasn’t been a long harvest but it’s certainly been an exhausting one this year so it’s very nice to be done before Christmas!