Christmas Goodies (Nancy Eberts)

I put a call out on the HarvestHER Facebook page and received these yummy recipes from Nancy Eberts of Eberts Harvesting. I told her I was going to create a post on the website for easier referral. Enjoy!!

“Growing up, these brown sugar cookies were always our Christmas cookie! They were frosted with the chocolate frosting I submitted during harvest.” – Nancy Eberts (more…)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nancy Eberts – Eberts Harvesting Inc.

Before 6:30 a.m., Maci came over to spend the day and said, “Let’s make cookies and can I wear one of those things you wear?” Well this Nana has been purchasing little aprons since all her grandkids were born so we pulled them out!


Caramel Rice Krispie Bars

Nancy Eberts – Eberts Harvesting Inc.


Easy Shepherd’s Pie and Scotch-a-Roos

Nancy Eberts – Eberts Harvesting Inc.

Cooking doesn’t always go smoothly and perfectly. It is kinda like combining. The hotter the day, the more that can go wrong…from the microwave to the taster’s taste buds! Sometimes I just deal and move on to the next meal.

So I tried this, but it was one of those recipes you add a little extra in to fill a 9×13 (mostly mashed potatoes). I used a can of corn instead of the vegetables, more meat and about twice the amount of potatoes.  I sprinkled with cheese and baked.

“Easy Shepherd’s Pie” – after taken out of the oven.


Eat More Bars

Eat More Bars
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  • 1 Cup corn syrup (dark or light)
  • ½ Cup creamy peanut butter
  • 2 Cup chocolate chips
  • ½ Cup rice krispies
  • 1 ½ Cup salted peanuts


  1. Bring corn syrup, peanut butter & chocolate chips to a boil over medium/low heat. Boil 4 minutes stirring often.
  2. Mix in remaining ingredients & spread into a lightly greased 9x3 cookie sheet.
  3. Chill a bit before cutting. I cut these into candy bar size pieces and wrap in saran wrap for the guys to take in their lunches. If you chill in the fridge, don’t chill too long otherwise they get fairly hard.