08/02/17 – Early, Texas

Shana Gregory – 4G Harvesting

Hey everyone!

I haven’t had much to update you all on in what feels like forever! Mainly because we have been out of the field for several weeks now and service has been hit and miss in places also. We have made repairs on equipment, explored the great state of Colorado, and got caught up on rest…the cooking and laundry is still ongoing though, lol! Now, we are anxiously waiting on some barley to get ready to harvest. So…we wait a little longer.

Actually, this coming weekend, our son (grain cart driver) and I will head back home to Texas for 2-a-days to gear up for the upcoming football season. Our daughter went home a few weeks ago to take a college entrance exam to be able to take dual credit classes this year and to help my mom out with a new litter of mini/toy Aussie puppies. We have even added one of them to our family…his name is Case. ☺️ With that, there are obviously things I’m excited to get home for, but it will be a completely different life than what we have been living this summer, for sure. I’m ready and dreading it all at the same time. One thing I know…we will miss our harvester something terrible!

Being that we are so far away from home right now (11+ hours), we will have to wait until he (my hubby) gets closer to home to make the weekend trips to help out. It’s always a hard transition and one that I don’t do that gracefully. I’m working on it 😉…prayers are welcomed!

My most favorite parts of this summer, besides my little family being together for most of it, is the new friendships I’ve made! My husband is a social butterfly and has made so many great harvester friends over the years. He talks about them and I try my hardest to keep them all straight. This summer I was able to not only put faces with names, but I got to meet some of the wives…and they are all great!!! I look forward to keeping in touch with them all, and making even more friends during upcoming seasons!

I hope you have all had a great summer!

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